Are Locksmiths able to make keys from locks?

Locksmiths are often in difficult situations. Locksmiths can make duplicate keys, repair broken locks and unlock locked doors. These are just some of the many services they offer. Can locksmiths create keys from locks rather than duplicate a key?

Although this may not be a question you often think about, making a key out of a lock is not a common request for a locksmith. Can it be done? Let’s discuss it.

Why Locksmiths Make keys from a Lock

A locksmith can duplicate a key if someone needs it. It is simple because the key remains intact and the customer still has the key. This is unfortunately not always true.

Broken keys. Keys are durable and often strong, but not indestructible. Keys can become damaged or break (sometimes within the lock). They can become difficult to use to unlock the door, and eventually they may stop working altogether.

Keys lost. Lost keys are another reason that locksmiths are often asked to remove a lock’s key. Perhaps the keys were lost or left behind in a bag or purse, or even thrown with the trash. These things can happen quite often, you might be surprised.

This can lead to sticky situations for those without a spare key. The key will need to be recreated by a locksmith.

How Locksmiths Make Lock Keys

It is not always easy to make keys for locks, just because locksmiths are able to do it. It is quite the opposite. These situations can often require re-assembling of the residential lock.

Based on the code, the key can be cut. Each lock comes with a key code that can be used by locksmiths to make a new key. Each key has its own unique code, which is a combination of characters. Locksmiths may use broken keys, worn keys, or even a piece of a key to create the code. Key code cards can be used to make new keys for high-end locks. This is assuming that one isn’t locked out of the area where the key code cards is!

Highly skilled locksmiths can take apart the lock and crack the code using the pins in the right order to create a new key. Finally, you can call the manufacturer of your lock to try and get the code. These aren’t always the easiest or most direct ways to accomplish the task.

Make an impression of the lock. Although it is not an easy task, making impressions of locks without codes is much simpler than disassembling them. To make impressions, a skilled locksmith is required. To get pin impressions, a blank key must be inserted and rotated several times before the locksmith can cut the new key.

Locksmith London – Get keys made

A skilled locksmith is capable of opening locked doors without the use of a key. There are many ways to do it and Locksmith London is here to help.

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