The best smart locks for 2022

The smart door locks provided by residential locksmiths are getting popular every day. It is only a matter time of time before they completely replace the traditional key and lock. The invention of smart locks has started the transition and people are now more than willing to shift to more secure locks. Now, you don’t need a key to enter your house or office.

All you need to do is push a button, swipe a card or phone, or just tap a button on your smartphone to enter the property. However, to do this first you will need to get a smart lock installed by a commercial locksmith. In this blog, we are going to discuss the varying locks that you can get to make your property more secure.

These locks can secure your valuables and loved ones. Moreover, they make the security of your home more intelligent, prompt, and effortless. The business locksmiths have been offering such modern systems to their clientele for several years now.

What are smart door locks?

Smart door locks are highly intelligent locks that don’t need a key to be opened. These locks are either electronic or mechanical locks. They can be opened wirelessly with the click of a button on the smartphone. Most users prefer to get a key fob or mobile application. It is because they improve the home security several folds.

Types of smart door locks

Mostly the smart locks make use of keyboards, biometrics, and Bluetooth system. It is either one of these or a combination of them that is used to open the lock. Commercial locksmiths are capable of providing each system on demand of the customer.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID)

This is the same system that is used in hotels and cars. It requires the usage of a key fob or key card. The lock picks the signal from the key fob or key card and locks or unlocks the door.

Bluetooth enabled locks

These are special types of locks that connect with the Bluetooth of your smartphone. The Bluetooth ID of your smartphone is saved in the lock by the residential locksmith. Afterward, whenever you approach the lock, the lock will detect the Bluetooth ID of your smartphone. This way the lock will get opened without any problem when you approach it.

Types of smart door locks

Keypads and touch screens

The first smart locks ever introduced made use of keypads. This allowed the users to make a custom pin for their homes. This improved security as only those people who knew the pin could access the house. However, to make the design sleeker and to improve security, touch screens and panels were introduced in modern smart locks. You can get all of these locks from a business locksmith.

Biometric entry

This is the most modern form of security. It is the same level of security that is currently working on most smartphones. The locks scan the fingerprint of the owner to allow access to the house. There are some modern locks provided to businesses by commercial clientele that come with face and iris scanners.

Are smart door locks better?

The smart door locks are much better as compared to the traditional key and lock. The smart locks are highly configurable which makes them a lot more secure than traditional locks. It is much easier to restrict access to your home with the help of smart locks. If you fear that someone has learned the code of your house then you can change it immediately.

If you have lost your smartphone, key fob, or key card then you don’t need to worry about the security of your home. You can immediately wipe the old data so that the old key fob or key card can’t be used to open the doors of your home. Moreover, you can immediately buy and reprogram a new key fob. Additionally in most cases, you don’t need to call a locksmith to get this done as it is a very simple process.

The smart locks allow you to give limited access to people to your home. You can create a temporary password for them and share it with them. You would have complete access over who enters and leaves your home. It is because the lock will notify you whenever it gets opened. However, like everything else the smart locks have flaws as well.

Smart Locks For Your Home

The expert hackers are more than capable of targeting them. It has been found that almost all smart locks have some sort of vulnerability. Some things that have put the locks at risk are

  • The device buzzing
  • Plain text passwords
  • APK files decompiling
  • Replay attacks

Are smart door locks keyless?

There are several smart locks in the market that improve home security. However, every one of them has its features. Some locks have committed fully to being keyless and there is no place to insert a key. However, other locks give a mechanical key. They are to be used in case of emergency when the wireless system stops working.

Keyless Door Locks

Why doesn’t everyone have a smart lock?

Just like everything else it takes a while for people to trust new technology. People understand the traditional locks and know that they will provide home security. Moreover, people know how to operate traditional locks.

There is a lot of confusion regarding smart locks. People don’t know how they work. Moreover, people fear that they might get hacked. Additionally, people don’t understand what they would need to do when the lock stops working. However, it is only a matter of time before these locks become easily understood like the traditional locks.

What do you need to consider when buying a smart door lock in 2022?

How smart is it?

Several smart locks have their specialty. They have features that are specific to them. So, you need to research the locks properly and find out which features you would like to have.

Replace or retrofit

Some locks need a complete replacement of previous locks and others can be fitted on top of previous locks. These can be installed without the help of a locksmith.

Alternative entry means

The smart locks either have one mode of unlocking or several. You need to get a lock that provides versatility in this regard. It is because if something goes wrong with one method then you can open the lock with the other.

What are the best smart door locks for 2022?

Best overall: Schlage Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt

A good smart lock is capable of making a difference. It can provide a lot more security and is advantageous in several manners. These locks distinguish how they can be locked and unlocked. This lock is not just a lock. This lock has simple keys, codes, 24/7 monitoring, and full control. This lock can be regarded as the best lock in the market.

This lock is a combination of the old and new locks. It has all the good features of old and new locks. It packs all the features in the same unit and it is very easy to install. It has key codes, remote association, keys, and a touch screen. This lock is a little more expensive as compared to other smart locks. It is because it is well made and works best with a wireless system.

Best price: Kwikset Smartcode

Generally, smart locks are associated with a higher price tag. People think that if they just need to lock their home every night then they doesn’t need a smart lock as they are too expensive. However, the thing is there are a lot of cheap options in the market as well. These locks have the same features and provide an equal level of security as the expensive locks.

If you can live without the advanced accessibility of modern locks then you can get the Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt. It can be opened with a standard key, a key code, and a bright key. It has an old design that is not liked by many people. However, the lock is highly affordable, durable, and works best with connectivity.

Best price: Kwikset Smartcode

This is by far the most attractive and discrete lock in the market. You are sure to find it in a color that matches your home. These locks are the best fit for modern homes due to their sleek design. These locks look like regular lift and lock handles. You can replace the existing multi-point locks with them by just replacing the handle and the cylinder of the existing lock.

You need the RFID tag or mobile application to operate this lock. Its working is very basic yet effective. You can attach the RFID tag to anything i.e. your mobile, bag, or watch. A swipe of the tag will unlock the door. There is a thumb turn on the inside so that you can lock and unlock the door once you are indoors. This lock cannot be connected to smart home objects without the Z-Wave module.